Flexible publishing features

Write your content using markdown and store your files wherever you want, in a repo or in the cloud.

Easily extendable

You have the entire PHP ecosystem at your fingertips and additional functionality can be baked right into your theme or as a separate package. Code the way you want!

Open source

MIT licensed, fully featured, with extensive documentation and samples. Download the starter project and starter theme and you'll be up and running in no time!

Enjoyable Coding

Papyrus is a flat file CMS, utilizing Markdown files and heavy use of file compilation and performance optimizations to provide a fast website that is easy to administrate. It's meant to provide simple publishing without requiring knowledge of static website compilers and avoiding their limitations, and is therefore a server side application that does all compilation on-demand. Every choice has been made with the developer in mind.

It's built using the SOMA framework and provides a very extensible and modular base for you to create custom features and simple but effective logic for routing and theming.